No Hard Drive detected during Linux installation

No Hard Drive detected during Linux installation (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Do the following if the installation is unable to find the Local hard Disk.

  1. This step has some risk associated with it. Hence ensure that you have backed up all the data and have the recovery disk for Windows 8. If you don’t have the recovery disk then do not proceed further. Exit the Linux installation, disconnect the external Optical Drive (To boot into windows 8.1 on the Hard Drive) and create the Recovery Disk (A good guide can be found here).
  2. If you have the recovery disk, quit the installation procedure, but do not exit Fedora.
  3. Open the terminal window (command prompt) and run the command :
    fdisk -l

    Usually the first line begins as :

    Disk /dev/sda
  4. If the disk is shown as /dev/sda in the previous step then run the next command :
    su -c 'gdisk /dev/sda'

    Else replace /dev/sda with whichever disk was shown in the previous step. It will offer to convert the partition table for you. After answering “yes”, type w and press Enter to commit the changes to disk, then type q and press Enter to quit gdisk.

  5. If the previous step was successful then the installation procedure can be restarted from the “Activities”.