Mountain Lion:VirtualBox Arch Linux ISO image w/o burning CD/DVD Part 2

Mountain Lion:VirtualBox Arch Linux ISO image w/o burning CD/DVD Part 2

Install VirtualBox and Boot Arch Linux from the iso image:

1) Download VirtualBox disk image from here or the official link.Also download the Arch Linux ISO image for here.

2) Install VirtualBox by double clicking on the disk image and following window is displayed.Click on the VirtualBox.pkg and follow the instructions that are displayed. (For windows 8 users just click on the downloaded exe file and follow the below instructions)Image

3)Once installed, start the VirtualBox application from the “Applications folder” and click on the “New” button at the top left corner.

4) Give any name for your virtual machine.Select the type as “Linux” and the version as “Arch Linux”.

5) Set the RAM size to 1024MB.I found it to be of the right size so that the Mac OS X (or windows 8) can have the remaining 3 GB for itself.If you increase it above 1024 MB then the Mac OS X performance decreases considerably.

6)Select “Create a virtual Hard Drive now”,”VDI” hard drive type,Fixed Size of minimum 20GB in the next windows.

7)Now in the main window there should be an entry of the virtual machine that was created with the above steps.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 12.10.58 PM

8)Select the newly created virtual machine and click on the settings button.

9)In the new window select the system tab.Rearrange the boot order so that the CD/DVD ROM is before the Hard Disk and check both of them. Let the chipset be “PIIX3” and in the extended features check “Hardware clock in UTC time” and “Enable absolute pointing device”.


10)Next select the storage tab.Here you should find the already created VDI.Now right-click outside the VDI entry and add a “IDE controller”.After that right click on the newly created IDE controller and select “add CD/DVD device”.Here in the new window select “choose disk” and select the Arch Linux ISO image that was downloaded before.


11) Now start the virtual machine and it should boot the Arch Linux from the ISO image.The Arch Linux presents a shell prompt instead of a GUI.This is because Arch Linux is very minimal and it allows you to choose and install the desktop manager you prefer.

12)The next step is to install the Arch Linux on the VDI virtual hard drive that was created.Check my other post here for the installation.

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