Arch Linux and Mountain Lion:Why (Arch) Linux Part 1

Arch Linux and Mountain Lion:Why (Arch) Linux Part 1

My first choice for an OS is GNU/Linux. But the performance of the MacBook pro is irresistible. So I went ahead and bought a Mac.The question that will I be able to run GNU/Linux on Mac was on the back of my mind.As with other things I thought I will figure it out someway or another.

The MacBook Pro is an amazing machine.As the OS X is specifically designed for the hardware it runs on.It makes the OS X fast,efficient and pleasant for the user.The battery and the display are the other things that make the MacBook Pro a good buy.

All said I was still missing GNU/Linux.The mere possibility that I could configure it to exactly my requirements makes it a favourite.Added to this for me it is the best environment for software development.Hence not having GNU/Linux is not an option.And buying another machine was not an option either.After spending nearly 65,000 INR on the MacBook Pro,I was almost broke :-).

So I set out to install GNU/Linux on my Mac Book Pro.The first thing that came to my mind was to dual-boot with Linux Mint.The Mac boot loader Boot Camp is known to support dual-boot with Linux.But it was too restrictive for me.Also Apple does not officially state that it supports dual-boot with Linux.Hence the next step was to use rEFIt.But it was never smooth for me.Hence I uninstalled rEFIt.I also had problems upgrading the OS X to Mountain Lion after doing this.Although I am not certain my suspicions are towards the rEFIt.So I decided not to mess with the boot of the Mac.

So the other option is to use Linux on a Virtual Machine.Below are the steps I followed to install Arch Linux.I choose Arch Linux as it is the most customisable distro I know and the documentation is excellent.I had tried ubuntu as a virtual machine but it made my Mac horribly slow.You can refer the Wiki of the Arch Linux or follow the below steps as I did.Mine is a MacBook Pro 13-inch,Early 2011,connected to the internet with the ethernet cable.

Check my other post for installation of  VirtualBox on Mac and running Arch Linux as guest.

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