Sony Xperia Tipo : Touch Screen problems

Purchase: I had purchased my Sony Xperia Tipo on FlipKart for INR 8990 during January 2013.

Why Sony: My first phone was a Sony Ericsson W300i. This was one of the best phones  I ever owned.I had other Nokia and Samsung phones but they never matched the W300i.Hence this time I thought of going back to Sony.

Problems: It was all well for the first fortnight. Then the touch problems appeared.

Touch Issues: It was so bad that I practically could not use the phone.I couldn’t “slide to unlock” without multiple attempts nor make a call without discomfort.The screen just could not register the touches.I searched for any official communication from Sony about this problem and I found none.I tried to reinstall the Android OS, but still no luck. Then I did some more searching on the Web and found that this could be a touch calibration issue.One of the blogs suggested that the TouchFWTools should do the trick.The procedure I Followed is mentioned below.

1) Download TouchFWTools directly into the mobile or using a PC.

2) If you downloaded TouchFWTools using a PC then transfer this file to your mobile phone using a data cable or bluetooth. After copying, disconnect mobile phone from computer.

3) Go to phone Settings, and in Security section, enable “Unknown sources” setting to allow phone to install non-market applications.

4) Open the Astro application or any other file manager application (Like “My Files”) and look for the location of the downloaded file TouchFWTools. Select this file and click install.

5) Now you should have TouchFWTools as one of your apps.Start the TouchFWTools app and place your mobile phone on a flat surface. Press the “calibration” button. It will take few seconds to finish the process. Do not move or pick up the cell phone during this process. When it is done, test your touchscreen.

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  1. thanks a ton. it worked for me. need to observe the touch for few more days. wanted to know- what is calibration button and how often it needs to be clicked?

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