Paris to Barcelona 4 days itinerary

Flight Tickets:For cheap flights availability check or only check for the availability here.I usually book directly on the website of the airliner.I had booked tickets on Ryan Air as it worked out cheaper for me.The downside of booking on Ryan Air is that the airports where these flights operate are far from the city.Hence consider the charges required to reach the airport before booking on these budged airliners. Also do a lot of searching on the net before booking the tickets.I usually search for 3 days before deciding on the flights.This holds no matter how cheap the flight tickets appear on the first few attempts of searching.

Time of visit: We visited during the middle of november and it was nice.There were some showers but it was not bad.

Place of stay: We stayed at a youth hostel Be Mar Hostel. It was a perfect place with good breakfast.The location very close to Rambla Del Raval has a great night life.The best part was that the front desk of the hostel is open 24*7.

Places of Interest: We found the night life in the Rambla Del Raval as the best part of Barcelona.But below are the places we visited during the day.

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia:


Beautiful gothic structure dedicated to Saint Eulalia and contains her tomb.Its the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona.I found the colour of the interior to be strikingly beautiful.

Arc de Triomf:


It’s a beautiful Arc made of Reddish bricks.The promenade where is stands is a nice place to relax.

Sagrada Família: 


Probably the most ambitious art project I have come across.Still incomplete yet a marvel.The construction started in the yea 1882 and is estimated to be completed in 2026.Its funding currently is completely from the ticket sales.Take the lift to climb the towers.The view from the tower is stunning.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc:


A great display of colour and lights.One of the highlights of the trip.

Barcelona FC Stadium:


If you are into football then a visit to the Barca FC stadium is the first thing on the mind for a Barcelona trip.Book tickets for the stadium and the museum online here. There is no better place to know the history of the club than here.When we visited the golden boot won by Messi was on display.The cabinets of trophies is also impressive.The stadium when we visited was the biggest in Europe.

Parc de la Ciutadella:


A large park with a beautiful fountain.A good place to take a break.Dont miss the metallic mammoth at the entrance of the zoo.



We just spent one evening at the beach.It was quit and nice.In spite of all the hype we found it pretty normal.

Day trip to Montserrat:


If time permits don’t miss Montserrat.Take the cable car from the bottom of the Montserrat to the monastery.The experience is one of the best I ever had.Although the monastery is beautiful and all,the trek was the best part.Although a bit challenging it was worth the effort.

Park Güell:


This part is all Antoni Gaudi. It has extravagant mosaic work.Although a lot of visitors it was a little gaudy for me.

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